Ultimate China


12th Oct to 23th Oct 2020 (12 Days)

Our Ulitmate Tour of China will lead you through the rich and diverse culture and history of China. Beginning in the capital city of Beijing, you will enjoy special access to some of the countries most iconic landmarks including the Forbidden City and a white linen banquet on the Great Wall.

One moment you will be marveling at the Terracotta Warriors installed to protect the emperor in his afterlife in Xi’an. The next moment, you will be blissfully floating down the Li River near Guilin.

For the final stop of this ultimate tour, you will be transported into the fast-paced, dynamic city of Shanghai where we will introduce you to the city’s colonial past as well as its self-confident future.

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All about the Ultimate China.

Our ambition is to give guests at least one “wow!” experience each day. By developing relationships  with a broad range of specialists across the country and negotiating private access at prestigious sites, we created a rolodex of exclusive experiences. One of our earliest guests termed these “Imperial Moments”, which we are delighted to make available to you through your journey.

The China Host is part cultural attaché and part traveling concierge. He or she is a Westerner who has been living in China for many years and speaks Chinese fluently. This gives you the best of both worlds. Your China Host knows where you are coming from and helps create the experience you seek in China.

Hotels are selected for their facilities, design, spaciousness, service and location. Our long-standing relationships with the best hotels and hoteliers result in preferential treatment for our clients in terms of room choice, service and amenities. For example, some hotels offer Imperial Tours’ guests amenities like complimentary room upgrades.

For most, dining is an integral part of any travel experience. Our restaurants are the best available in the destination and can introduce a vast array of experiences and flavors. Taking into account any dietary preferences you cite, we will design the menus throughout your stay to introduce you to popular dishes and regional styles so that you will get the most out of each and every meal.

We provide the best available vehicles in each city. Our smallest vehicle is a Buick 7 seat MPV of high quality. Using Chinese and lesser quality vehicles is how other companies can cut costs, but we feel your comfort and safety should not be compromised. Upgrades to Mercedes, BMW or Rolls Royce vehicles are available.

Most people traveling to China will be directed to one commission paying factory after another. We cannot abide by this practice. Instead, we keep abreast of the newest and most unique designers, showrooms and shops and relay this information to you.

If you have any questions in regards to this trip, please use the following form to contact us:

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The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

– 11 nights accommodation in outstanding five star hotels (Note that we may adjust the hotels to one of a similar or higher quality closer to date)
– 11 breakfasts (buffet breakfast), 10 lunches and 5 dinners at our carefully selected restaurants (including local mineral water, soft drinks and local beer) and 1 Private Banquet lunch on the Great Wall itself
– Services of a Western bilingual China Host and local tour guides
– Flights in Economy Class (Beijing/Xi’an, Xi’an/Guilin, Guilin/Shanghai)
– Entrance fees to all tourist sites and all land transportation (as listed on the itinerary)
– Local guide and driver gratuities
– Domestic airport, city and hotel taxes

What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

– International airfare to/from China, visa processing fees (if required)
– Comprehensive travel insurance
– Personal expenses such as alcoholic beverages, imported mineral waters, excess luggage fees, telephone charges, room service and laundry charges
– Gratuities to your China Host

  1. Day 1 12th Oct 2020

    Upon arrival at Beijing International Airport, you will be met at the gate by airport VIP staff who will lead you through immigration, baggage claim and customs.

    Your China Host will then meet you after you have claimed your luggage and passed
    through customs. The Host will accompany you during the remainder of your stay in Beijing.

    Upon transferring to the hotel, you will have the remainder of the evening at leisure (no other services included this evening).

    Meals would be at your own expenses today.

    Overnight in Rosewood Beijing – Premier Room.

  2. Day 2 13th Oct 2020

    Whether by force of irony or expediency, China’s government has been located in the same area continuously for over six hundred years. You will walk back in time; strolling across Tian’anmen Square, one of the largest squares of the modern era,
    you will pass the Monument to the People’s Heroes – dedicated to the ravages of the hundred year long Opium War — and finally enter the ancient epicenter of Imperial Power, the Forbidden City.

    We have arranged for special access to Shufangzhai (The Hall of Pure Beauty), a structure dating from the original construction of the Forbidden City early in the fifteenth century. Under Emperor Qianlong, this was designated as an entertainment area for banquets and performances. With two stages, the largest outdoor stage in the Imperial Palace shaped in the form of a double-eaved pagoda along with an interior stage made with bamboo, this venue continues to be used on occasion by Chinese central government for entertainment purposes. As well as the original structure with finely crafted wood frames, the palace also contains pieces from Emperor Qianlong’s ceramic collection.

    Please note that Chonghuagong is filled with antiques and in the event that the weather is particularly rainy/humid, the authorities will not grant access.

    Beijing’s historic center was designed in a grid pattern of alleyways or hutong. After the Communist revolution, the character of this formerly exclusive enclave radically changed as the masses moved in, often building rickety tin-roofed shacks in the
    courtyards of palatial homes. This huddled arrangement gave rise to the often romanticized communal street-life that formed the upbringing of many current generations of Beijingers. We track the contradictions of this anomalous development
    through the rooms of the Hutong Museum. Then we come full circle as we leave the museum to stroll through a recently gentrified hutong area in which former palaces have been renovated to their former glory.

    Overnight in Rosewood Beijing – Premier Room.

  3. Day 3 14th Oct 2020

    Today, you will visit the Great Wall of China. Built to protect China from the  incursions of predatory nomads, the utility and meaning of this fortification
    has been contested for centuries. The unprecedented scale and unexpected charm of the Great Wall may inspire you. The section that we most highly recommend is the further away, about 2 hours drive, but is generally considered one of the most beautiful sections of the Great Wall. Once there, you will be treated to a private banquet on the Wall itself (weather permitting). You will then be given some
    time for a stroll along this most magnificent of sites.

    Dinner would be at your own expenses today.

    Overnight in Rosewood Beijing – Premier Room.

  4. Day 4 15th Oct 2020

    This morning, we drive an hour northwest of the city center for the breathtaking views of the Imperial Summer Palace, a retreat said to have been given to the Empress Dowager Cixi in return for political favors. Whether or not you believe the popular
    demonization of this female leader, she certainly had taste. Her enchanting mansion, set on 700 acres of land, incorporates stunning temples, arched bridges, capacious pavilions and the world’s longest covered corridor, all within a landscape crafted according to the dictates of fengshui.

    After lunch, you will explore Beijing’s contemporary art scene with a visit to the Factory 798 area in the
    north of the city. Designed by Bauhaus-inspired
    German architects in the 1950s, the nowdecommissioned factory complex once produced a wide variety of military equipment. As production slowed in the late 1990s, local artists began to gravitate towards the area, finding its vast empty
    spaces ideal for studios and galleries. Now widely regarded as the epicenter of Beijing’s art scene, 798 is home to a vibrant mixture of internationally established galleries and smaller exhibition spaces in addition to a number of cafes, restaurants and stores.

    Overnight in Rosewood Beijing – Premier Room.

  5. Day 5 16th Oct 2020

    The Temple of Heaven was once the center of a square world where the leader of a Confucianist superpower performed sacred sacrificial rites to a circular heaven. The “noblest example of religious architecture in the whole of China” was the place
    where the emperor came to mediate in the affairs of God and man. Today the 10 acres of ancient trees surrounding the marble terrace altar serve as a public park, free for pensioners and popular with amateur Peking Opera performers.

    You will then be transferred to the airport in time for your onward flight to Xi´an (MU2112; 15:05/17:10 TBC). Upon arrival you will be met by your Host in the city, who will accompany you for the remainder of your stay here.

    Dinner would be at your own expenses today.

    Overnight in Sofitel Legend Hotel – Premium Room.

  6. Day 6 17th Oct 2020

    Competing Chinese kingdoms were united for the first time within a Chinese empire by the virile King Zheng of the Kingdom of Qin. Many claim that this first Imperial dynasty of “Qin” (pronounced “chin”) gives English the etymological root for the name “China”. China’s first ever Emperor, known as Qinshihuangdi, designated Xi’an the capital of his rule. One of China’s most foresightful rulers, he built the first Great Wall across China, standardized weights and measures, introduced a common
    currency and constructed national road and canal networks. From when he was a young man, a large share of the state budget was annually devoted to his tomb, one of the most complex ever built with an extensive underground army to be buried with him to protect him in the afterlife. These are the stunning Terracotta Warriors.

    China’s capital during the Han (206BC-220AD) and Tang (618-907AD) dynasties, periods of increasing international exposure, Xi’an became home to motley
    communities of Nestorian Christians, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Jews & Muslims – many of whom have left their mark. This afternoon, for example, you will observe the enduring influence of Xi’an’s vibrant Muslim community in its Great Mosque and foreverbustling Muslim Quarter.

    Xi’an is fortunate to boast an intact defensive perimeter dating to the Ming dynasty. Higher andtaller than the Great Wall, you may like to cyclealong the wall, giving a unique perspective on Xi’an’stwo faces – the ancient city within the walls and the
    emerging modern metropolis on the outside. Pleasenote that cycling the entire circuit of the wall takes about an hour.

    In the evening you will enjoy a private dumpling making lesson by the hotel’s expert chefs.

    Overnight in Sofitel Legend Hotel – Premium Room.

  7. Day 7 18th Oct 2020

    This morning, you will visit the stunning Yangling Museum, dedicated to the tomb of the Western Han dynasty emperor, Liu Qiu (188 – 141 BCE). The artifacts unearthed here, while similar in purpose to those found in the more famous tomb of Emperor
    Qin, are far more varied. For example they include courtesans, buildings and farm animals as well as soldiers. Highly stylized, they are also elegant – this is one of the most sophisticated displays you will find anywhere in China.

    From here, you will be transferred to the airport in time for your onward flight to Guilin (CZ6376; 12:35/14:45 TBC). Upon arrival, you will be met by your guide and transferred to your hotel (approx. 1.5 hours).

    “I often sent pictures of the hills of Guilin which I painted to friends back home,” wrote Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE) scholar Fan Chengda, “but few
    believed what they saw.” Take a stroll around the grounds and the neighboring countryside to savor the China of traditional scroll paintings: poetic karst
    landscapes where peasants and water buffaloes plow the fields.

    Overnight in Banyan Tree Yangshuo – Pagoda Lake Suite.

  8. Day 8 19th Oct 2020

    The day begins with a ride on traditional bamboo rafts along a less visited tributary of the Li River.

    Children swim in the rippling waters, lined with overhanging clumps of bamboo. Local farmers rake the riverbed for reeds to give to their wives to dry out and weave. Fishermen click signals to their cormorants as they hunt the river bottom for fish.
    You will travel far from the tourist trail and deep into the countryside for a rare view of agricultural life.

    Despite China’s global superpower status and ongoing economic miracle, between 600 and 800 million out of 1.3 billion people continue to work in this sector. You will wander through the rice paddies and learn how to make soy milk and tofu from

    Dinner would be at your own expenses today.

    Overnight in Banyan Tree Yangshuo – Pagoda Lake Suite.

  9. Day 9 20th Oct 2020

    This morning has been left free, and with good reason. This is one of your best chances to enjoy a little down time. You may wish to go for a swim in the hotel pool or perhaps take a stroll along the river.

    Later you will be transferred to the airport in time of your onward flight to Shanghai, (MU5540; 11:00/14:45 TBC).  Your next destination will take your breath away.

    Since the early 80’s Shanghai has been growing like no other, the Pudong waterfront becoming as emblematic of economic prowess as that of Manhattan or Hong Kong. Before dinner, you will have a chance to walk or drive along the Bund, taking in some of the loveliest buildings in the city.

    Dinner would be at your own expenses today.

    Overnight at The Peninsula Shanghai – Deluxe River View Room.

  10. Day 10 21st Oct 2020

    This morning’s lecture on colonial architecture in Shanghai is given by a member of the Shanghai Historical Society. This tour will take you into some of the most important buildings along the Bund and former French Concession including the former Hong Kong Shanghai Bank.

    En route to lunch, we will travel along historic boulevards into the heart of the French
    Concession. This section of the “Paris of the Orient” now hosts many arts-based businesses and art galleries that we can visit if you so desire. The afternoon will
    be spent discovering some of Shanghai’s great shopping treasures. This might include a contemporary ceramics shop, the private studio of a renowned fashion designer or a shop selling cashmere and silk scarves and shawls.

    Dinner would be at your own expenses today.

    Overnight at The Peninsula Shanghai – Deluxe River View Room.

  11. Day 11 22nd Oct 2020

    This morning, you will visit one of the best museums in the world for classical Chinese art. While walking you through millennia of beautiful bronzes, jade, calligraphy, paintings and furniture, the Shanghai Museum simultaneously guides you through whole chapters of Chinese history. This being Shanghai, the tour concludes with the best museum shop in all of China.

    We follow with a visit to the Urban Planning Exhibition Center. From old photos to a model of this booming city you will be surprised by the speed of development that has taken place.

    We will next visit the Yu Gardens, one of the best examples of traditional Chinese garden design in the country. Afterwards, you will have some time to stroll
    through Shanghai’s Old Quarter.

    Overnight at The Peninsula Shanghai – Deluxe River View Room.

  12. Day 12 23rd Oct 2020

    Breakfast would be at the hotel while rest of the day would be at your leisure, till the transfer to the airport for your onward journey.