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December, 2020

This is a specially-crafted experience that packs a lot of opportunities for the photographer. Landscape, culture, street and portraits are just some of the photo opportunities that is specially catered…

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Highlights of North India 8D7N

2020, 2021

The Taj Mahal took 20,000 workers and 1,000 elephants 22 years to complete, yet it only takes a moment to recognize its utter beauty. Whether strolling in its serene shadows…

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BALI Galungan Festival 4D3N

September, 2020

This is a specially-crafted experience that packs a lot of opportunities for the photographer. Landscape, culture, street, portraits and of course the Galungan Festival are just some of the photo…

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15D PANORAMIC PERU: From Lima to Lima

2020, 2021

Spot macaws in the jungle and caimans on the riverbanks, sail the waters of Lake Titicaca, delight in the smells of markets and explore ancient ruins — including a trek…

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    Endangered Eight Impact Journey

    April, 2020

    Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness India’s most prized wildlife on a privately guided, 13-day Impact Small Group Journey. This adventure will see you in the company of a…

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      South Africa Golf Holiday


      Please Enquire For Dates (10 Days) Experience the natural beauty of South Africa’s Cape while enjoying some of the country’s premier golf courses. Begin your adventure in the shadow of…

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        Bintan – Intense Photography


        16th & 17th May 2020 (2 Days) This all-inclusive short photo trip to the nearby Indonesian island of Bintan is specially curated and designed with Sony Digital Workshop (SDW).  Users…

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          Bush & Bling Luxury Kenya

          2020, 2021

          Flexible Dates All Year Round The ultimate Bush & Bling safari package for two distinguished guests, this Presidential Package is exclusively designed to pamper your special half. Arrive in absolute…

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            Realm of the Polar Bear (Arctic)

            June, 2020

            12th Jun to 19th Jun 2020 (8 Days) From close-up encounters with icebergs and glaciers to the region’s plentiful wildlife, this is a voyage of non-stop highlights. Always on the…

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              Ultimate China

              October, 2020

              12th Oct to 23th Oct 2020 (12 Days) Our Ulitmate Tour of China will lead you through the rich and diverse culture and history of China. Beginning in the capital…

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                Fly Me to Botswana & South Africa


                Flexible Dates Valid Only Till Jun 2020 (7 Days) Our tried, tested, and ever-popular ‘Fly Me’ offers bring to the travel table a feast of savings, complemented by some great choices, ultra-convenient flexibility and extraordinary safari, scenic…

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                  Snow Leopard Expedition


                  Please Enquire For Dates (12 Days) The Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh is one of the last frontiers for wildlife tourism. A winter trip meets the elements head-on in a stunning…

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                    Bali & Komodo – Land of the Dragons

                    May, 2020

                    8th May to 13th May 2020 (6 Days) This is a specially-crafted experience that packs a lot of opportunities for the photographer. Landscape, culture, street, and of course, wildlife, are…

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                      Sarawak Nature Grandeur

                      September, 2020

                      7th Sep to 10th Sep 2020 (4 Days) Sarawak is Malaysia’s biggest state by size and is located on the island of Borneo, which is well-known for its great diversity…

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                      Photo Expedition: Wild Namibia

                      June, 2020

                      18th May to 28th June 2020 (SOLD OUT) Curated and conjured by Photo Master Julian W., this Africa aficionado has visited the continent more than 60 times now, and knows…

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                      Safari Big 5 Wildlife Photography

                      May, 2020

                      18th May to 28th May 2020 (11 Days) A trip designed for photographers who are interested in going for an intensive, yet luxury photo safari. This specially-curated itinerary is designed…

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                        Mersing Getaway – Astrophotography


                        Various Dates Are Available (3 Days).  Please check “Overview” for actual departure dates. If you need a perfect reason to get away over the weekend, this is one!  Follow our…

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                          Photographic Padang, Indonesia

                          August, 2020

                          7th Aug to 10th Aug 2020 (4 Days) Padang is located in West Sumatra, which is known as one of the most beautiful areas of Indonesia. It is mountainous and divided…

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