Keeping yourself occupied at home

The Covid-19 situation came unexpectedly fast and furious, affecting the lifestyle and livelihood of everyone. Topliners Club, as a bespoke travel agency in Singapore,  it is without a doubt that we are also badly affected by the string of travel restrictions implemented by governments around the world.

In midst of all this negativity, it is important to keep our spirits up and stay positive!  All these shall come to pass, and our normal lives would be back very soon. 

Therefore, in order to satisfy our constant quest for adventures and novelty, we thought it would be nice to share the following recommendations with everyone! Hopefully, this would contribute a little to keep you occupied, while being safe at home.

Travel the world – from your home

Technology has come a long way and with modern devices nowadays, you can continue to travel and see the world from the comfort of your couch. Yes, we understand that this would not be a permanent fix to quench your globetrotting thirst, but under these trying circumstances, we believe this may just be the next best possibility!

Speaking of which, the following are some good streaming channels that you can get your daily dose of nature happenings.  Now the beautiful thing is, these are live channels and it will bring you right before the action, without leaving the comfort of your home.  Maybe this would inspire you to chat up with your preferred travel consultant  for your travel plans next year? 

WildEarth YouTube channel:

For the wildlife enthusiast, this YouTube channel showcases 2 safari drives a day (sunrise & sunset) in the famous Sabi Sands/greater Kruger National Park area of South Africa. The knowledgeable guides would be driving you around to see the wildlife on site, without you having to get up early!  You may even request your wildlife wishlist via the comments section. If you’re lucky, you can look forward to your “private” safari guide to help you strike out some items off your virtual bucket list.

Kindly note that as this is happening real-time in South Africa, the daily time slots for you to tune in would be at 12:00hrs and 21:30hrs (Singapore Time). Live Cams:

EXPLORE is the largest live nature cam network on the planet, bringing to you unscripted, raw and unedited footages from Kenya, to Alaska, and anywhere in between!

Stay active rather than just lazing on the couch

Perhaps after watching the safari, it would be just the right time to get off that couch and do some exercises!

Cooping yourself at home over a long period may weaken your immunity and mental wellbeing. If the situation permits, try and take a morning walk in the park (provided it is not crowded), or do some exercises at home.   These suggested activities can help you to continue to stay active without exposing yourself to big crowds.

In fact, there are many home workouts that you can follow from YouTube.  For localised content which may be more appealing, you can check out the following:

Zumba & Pound Fitness with Kim Christian

Kim is one of the most established Zumba and Pound fitness instructors regionally, and her seemingly endless bouts of energy is inspiring!  Her passionate and endearing personality brings her a large following of fitness enthusiasts. Kim is super accommodating with her sunny demeanour, so feel free to contact her for private classes, or to find about home workout plans and fitness support. Email:

Virtual Piloxing classes with Senior Master Trainer Rasidah Caudal

Rasidah is a Senior Master trainer who is renowned for the trending fitness program in Asia, known as Piloxing. Expect nothing less than high energy sessions and sore muscles.  Thanks, but no thanks to Covid-19, Rasidah has now moved her classes online.  The good news is this is now only at a fraction of the original fee, and each session lasts for an hour.  Please feel free to contact her on the amazing virtual classes.

SteadyAsia Dance Fitness:

Riding on the popularity of the ZOOM app, SteadyAsia Dance Fitness boasts a track by track dance fitness program which is based on Asian music.  Check this out for some fun moments while tuning  in to some popular rhythms. 

Remember to keep your positivity!

This is a situation that nobody expects or would have wanted, so we can only make the best out of this situation by staying positive. Take the time and opportunity to do some of the things that we don’t usually have the time or luxury to indulge in.

Remember that there’s always two sides to a coin. Looking at this from a positive perspective, all of us could now spend more quality time with our family.  Perhaps, you can even consider learn a new skill, a wonderful exercise regime, and it would not be too long before all of us would emerge stronger and better!