Liew Tong Leng

Winner of Nikon’s The Big Shot 1. Liew Tong Leng (or Liew, as he prefers to be called) picked up photography in 1992, as a result of being in the company of friends who were photography enthusiasts. Liew has spent many years cultivating a creative eye. Never bound by themes posed to him, this talented photographer pushes the boundaries of interpretation, and uses his technical know-how to create images that are not only technically superior, but also beautifully and artistically crafted.

As a testimony to his technical and artistic talent, Liew has clinched hundreds of photography awards. But more than capturing images to win competitions are the lessons he’s drawn from participating in them. “I started taking part in photography competitions as a challenge for myself, to benchmark my photography skills against others, and to improve as a photographer,” Liew says. “Later, I realised that it’s actually through the process of being part of these competitions that really helped me to be a better photographer, and not the results.