Kohei Ueno

Kohei is an international award winning photographer from Japan, specialising in freediving and underwater photography. He picked up his first DSLR camera in 2014 when he quit his job at Google to travel the world, capturing images along that way that won him 1st place at the 2016 Sony Alpha Art House Competition. This helped him get his first underwater housing as well as a trip to Tonga to swim with whales, a perfect gift for someone who was already a passionate freediver with an obsession for the ocean.

Since then he’s won multiple awards with numerous work published locally and abroad. Most recently in 2019 he won 2nd place at the Sony World Photography Awards with his work on freediving in the professional category of sports. Today he continues to spread the beauty of the ocean and the intricacy of this sport as a freedive instructor, freedive photographer and athlete, inspiring more and more people to get in and start exploring, not only deep into the ocean, but deep within themselves.